The Meat Issue

Learn to eat better for you … and the planet.

We decided to tackle the complex, multifaceted conversation around meat and sustainability, and knew we needed an expert at the helm. Cue writer Alicia Kennedy, who is at work on a book (Meatless) about plant-based eating in the US and whose popular newsletter covers food at the intersection of politics, culture, and media. Fortunately, we had Alicia’s email (she penned an essay for The Reset parcel), so we asked her to come on as the parcel’s editor-at-large and—praise be to the soyrizo gods—she agreed.

We designed The Meat Issue to help readers demystify the current discussions around sustainable meat- and plant-based diets, keeping personal wellness, environmental impact, and economic inclusivity in mind. Each week consists of two emails: a Tuesday overview that combines original reporting with actionable tips and takeaways, and a Friday personal essay from the likes of noted food writers such as Jenny Dorsey and Wei Tchou.

The Meat Issue includes:

And as always, Prism is totally jargon-free, judgment-free, and free free (as in $0).

*art by A. Andrews